BioArctic’s business strategy is to build a research portfolio with a number of innovative projects successively reaching a suitable point for entering into partnerships with global pharma companies. Our research and development work is proceeding in line with this strategy.

We have high scientific competence and skills as well as a proven track record of delivering innovative pharmaceutical projects. Collaborations with universities are of great importance to the company together with the strategically important global partners in the Alzheimer and Parkinson projects. Through long-term collaboration agreements with global pharmaceutical companies, BioArctic has demonstrated high skills and good ability to deliver innovative pharmaceutical projects.

Alzheimer’s disease

BAN2401 in clinical Phase 3.

Parkinson’s disease

BioArctic has developed antibodies that can remove or inactivate the toxic forms of alpha-synuclein.

Neurodegenerative disorders

BioArctic is committed to help people with neurodegenerative disorders