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Setting a sustainable standard

BioArctic’s clearest and most important contribution to a globally sustainable future lies in the development of safe and effective drugs against disorders of the central nervous system. As part of its sustainability efforts, we conduct high-quality research that promotes sustainable and innovative solutions to society’s health challenges. Our endeavors to integrate economic and social sustainability at all levels of its operations, to continually improve our procedures, quality assurance systems and work environment, and to take action to prevent the environmental impact of our own operations. The operations we conduct are characterized by transparency, creativity and respect for the equal worth of all.

The company’s work with its partners promotes sustainable development and value creation. We have identified goals with a clear link to our operations in three main areas: sustainable employeeship, sustainable use of resources and sustainable business. BioArctic is a responsible business partner and employer, and complies with environmental and work environment legislation. In addition, we have internal policies that encompass guidelines for the environment and the work environment. Pharmaceutical research is conducted in our office in Stockholm. The operations comply with the permits issued to BioArctic by the government agencies concerned.

For example, we have permits from the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Sv. Arbetsmiljöverket) regarding the use of chemicals, and the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Sv. Jordbruksverket) regarding the import and use of biological tissues in the company’s laboratory. In accordance with Swedish environmental legislation, BioArctic is registered with the Stockholm County Administrative Board (Sv. Länsstyrelsen) to conduct our operations.

BioArctic is not involved in any environmental disputes. No workplace accidents were reported to Arbetsmiljöverket in 2021. We only contract manufacturers of drugs (antibodies) whose facilities are certified in accordance with the relevant legislation. The same applies to procurement of services from contract research organizations (CROs).