Work environment

The work environment management at BioArctic shall be long-term and preventive in character and seen as a natural part of the operations, of what we do and of the decisions we make.

The work environment management shall therefore on one hand be conducted as a natural part of the daily work, on the other as systematic work environment management where BioArctic performs regular inspections of the work environment and continuously performs and follows up decided actions.

In addition, BioArctic also makes an annual follow-up of the systematic work environment management. The work environment shall be such that the risks for ill-health and accidents are minimized and job satisfaction and development opportunities are enabled for employees.

We have zero tolerance for all forms of mobbing and harassment. Our work environment shall be characterized by openness and equality, with our core values – Respect, Engagement, Collaboration and Responsibility – providing the framework for how we act in relation to each other and our external contacts. Together we create better results and take pride in BioArctic’s successes.