The story behind BioArctic’s and AbbVie’s successful collaboration published on The Rhythm of Business

For a research company with the ambition to help patients with serious illnesses to a better life, determination, focus and collaboration, is of utmost importance to achieve success. One of BioArctic’s most successful collaborations, that with AbbVie, has recently been described in a series of blog posts on and analyzes the key factors that underlie success.

BioArctic is characterized by a strong science-driven corporate culture and is today managed based on its own well-established leadership philosophy supporting the growth of individuals, teams as well as the company.

“To be able to exercise self-leadership, or to lead a team or the entire company, there must be clear structures and tools in place to support success. The same applies when we collaborate externally. We are not a huge company, but our research involves thousands of people around the world. This means that we must be able to lead both ourselves and others outside the company for us to achieve our goals,” says CEO Gunilla Osswald.

BioArctic’s successful collaboration with AbbVie on the drug candidate ABBV-0805 intended for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease has been the subject of much attention, not least through an article in Drug Discovery Today. The blog posts on The Rhythm of Business provide additional information about what happened behind the scenes in the hunt for a treatment.

The blog posts can be accessed via:

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