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Reports can be submitted in writing via 2Secure’s website You can also report verbally by calling +46 (0)771 77 99 77. Use the company code CVG820 to identify that the report concerns BioArctic. You can choose to be anonymous on both reporting channels. Be prepared to answer questions about the matter to which the report relates.

You can also request to make the report in person at a meeting by registering a notification on the website. The meeting is held either with a representative from BioArctic or 2Secure, as agreed with you.

You can follow your case via Note the file number and password that you receive when you make your report in the whistleblowing system.

Once a report has been registered, it is processed by experienced case officers at 2Secure, who contacts the primary point of contact in BioArctic’s whistleblowing committee. If the primary contact person is the subject of the report, another person on the contact list will be informed.

When you make the report verbally, you have the right to review and correct any inaccuracies in your report. When you make a report over the phone, you will receive log-in details to track your report on Should you wish to read the record your report or make corrections afterwards, this can be requested in the web portal. Should you wish to sign the record of your report, this is also requested through the web portal. An administrator from 2Secure will coordinate this. If you choose to sign the record of your report, this means that your name/identity will become known to 2Secure. 2Secure will safeguard your identity and will not disclose this information to BioArctic. This means that you can remain anonymous towards BioArctic, even if you choose to sign your report.

It is always BioArctic that finally evaluates the report and decides on further action in the matter.