We are committed to leading the research and innovation in our core therapeutic areas and delivering consistently high levels of ethics and integrity in everything we do. We apply our expertise in science and innovation to some of society’s biggest global public health challenges such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s diseases.

We also challenge the urgent need for an innovative treatment of complete Spinal Cord Injury. To conduct a responsible research work, to be compliant with our Code of Conduct, to invest in our work environment and to attract and retain highly competent and talented employees and consultants are core to our approach to sustainability.

Responsible research

Society depends on us to conduct effective, ethical and thorough research in the development of our pharmaceuticals and treatments. We take every safety precaution and responsible decision that is required by law and regulators. We follow actively changes in the ethical issues associated with new science and new technologies and any potential risks to patient safety participating in clinical trials. To take responsibility is one our core values, but it is also a core part of our long-term business strategy and daily work.