Imaging and biochemical biomarkers Parkinson’s disease

BioArctic develops methods to improve the clinical diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

The company develops biochemical methods to improve the clinical diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, in order to achieve an earlier and more accurate diagnosis, monitor the progression of the disease, and to monitor the response to drug treatment. This project is part of the collaboration with AbbVie regarding ABBV-0805.

BioArctic is also developing an alpha-synuclein biomarker assay in collaboration with University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The assay is based on human cerebrospinal fluid measurements of alpha-synuclein.

In collaboration with Uppsala University, Sweden, BioArctic has initiated a brain imaging program to detect alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s disease.

Lack of biomarkers that mirror disease progression

Parkinson’s disease is currently diagnosed by clinical investigation, sometimes in combination with imaging of the striatum. There are no biomarkers today that can mirror disease progression.