Collaborations and partners

Our partners are essential for our success.

Breakthrough science doesn’t happen in isolation. It happens through collaborations with leading scientific groups at universities and other organizations. These collaborations provide important access to the best science and know-how.

We strongly believe that collaborations with partners are key to provide novel innovative drugs.


Since 2005 BioArctic has a successful long-term collaboration with the Japanese pharma company Eisai concerning development and commercialization of drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The partnership mainly concerns three projects: the humanized antibodies BAN2401 with backup, and a research project concerning a new drug target for disease modifying treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The treatments are aimed at affecting the pathology of the disease, halting or slowing down the disease progression and improving the patients’ quality of life.

Within the framework of the collaboration, BioArctic and Eisai have entered into several agreements. The most important agreements are the Development and Commercialization Agreement regarding the BAN2401 antibody entered in 2007 and the Development and Commercialization Agreement regarding the BAN2401 backup antibody in Alzheimer’s disease entered in 2015.

Eisai is responsible for the clinical development, market approval and commercialization of the products.

In March 2014 Eisai entered into an agreement with Biogen concerning joint development and commercialization of BAN2401 in Alzheimer’s disease.

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In September 2016, BioArctic and AbbVie entered into a strategically important collaboration to develop and commercialize BioArctic’s portfolio of antibodies directed against α-synuclein (alpha-synuclein) for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other potential indications.

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