Our employees, consultants and collaboration partners represent diversity and create a working place with an international and dynamic environment.

We consider diversity to be a competitive advantage.

In order to accomplish our vision we focus on our core business and encourage a strong culture of curiosity and innovation among our employees, consultants and partners. We also strive to be an attractive and leading partner in our research areas for research groups at universities, pharma companies and in the health care sector.

To be a part of our team

We are convinced that participation, confidence and feedback are conducive to a positive working climate and contribute to the success of our employees and BioArctic.

We encourage personal development

We want all our employees to achieve their full potential and the individual development plan is therefore a combination of the company’s goal and personal ambitions. We also encourage continued personal development by offering persons new roles and tasks in the projects.

Our core values

The key to BioArctic’s success can be found in our core values:

  • Science driven – we are driven by our desire to increase the understanding of the diseases to be able to develop new strategies for treatments
  • Teamwork – we collaborate to achieve our common goals
  • Commitment – we are highly engaged in everything we do
  • Responsibility – we deliver high quality
  • Respect – we act respectfully