BioArctic second place for the Allbright Prize 2019

BioArctic, for the second year in a row, was named as the second place finalist for the Allbright prize for its work with gender equality. The announcement was made on November 26 during Allbright’s annual award ceremony in Stockholm.

BioArctic was publicly listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange in the Mid Cap segment in October 2017 and already in 2018 was one of the finalists for the Allbright prize. The prize decision process has included survey responses for the CEO and employees as well as an interview with the CEO. BioArctic’s leadership team is made up of five women and five men, and the gender split for the whole company is 60% women and 40% men. BioArctic’s Chairman of the Board is also a woman. The age distribution of all employees ranges from 28 to 70 years.

“I am very glad that BioArctic’s work with gender equality has been recognized by Allbright and we have, for the second year in a row, landed in the top rank of Sweden’s publicly listed companies. Even if we have not taken home the top prize this year, we will continue our purposeful work for diversity in our company. BioArctic innovates and develops the medicines of the future for patients with disorders of the central nervous system, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. I see a long-term sustainable workforce as a prerequisite in order to be able to use the knowledge and skills of all colleagues to achieve our vision,” says BioArctic’s CEO, Gunilla Osswald.

BioArctic has implemented a clear value-driven leadership model built on self-leadership, individual-based leadership, and project leadership, which is used throughout the company. The company’s values (respect, commitment, teamwork and responsibility) are firmly rooted and used daily in the company’s work. BioArctic believes this has contributed to success in achieving gender diversity.

Allbright’s motivation statement:

“This year’s silver medalist is unique, having also taken the honorable second place last year. They stand out by being a workplace where employees truly enjoy being. That all employees responded to Allbright’s survey and that none of them had anything negative to say about the company’s gender equality is nothing short of extraordinary. The company also has a thorough recruitment process with clear requirement profiles and personality inventories to ensure merit-based and equal opportunity recruitments. We can only congratulate this year’s silver medalist: BioArctic!”

This year’s jury for the Allbright prize consisted of Michaëla Berglund, Chairperson of the Allbright Foundation and CEO of Michaël Berglund, Sven Hagströmer, Board member and founder of the Allbright Foundation as well as the Chairperson for Avanza and Creades, Bengt Johansson, CEO of Forsen, Anna Ryott, Chairperson of Summa Equity, Nina Åkestam, analyst at Google, Barakat Ghebrehawariat, CEO of Demokrateam, and Caroline Farberger, CEO of Ica Försäkring.