Alzheimer antibody enters into phase IIb

BioArctic’s monoclonal antibody for Alzheimer’s disease, BAN2401, has entered the next clinical study after successfully passed phase IIa. Safety and tolerability data indicate that BAN2401 is safe and well tolerated. Sixty Alzheimer patients received BAN2401 and 20 got placebo.

In a new study of 18 months duration (phase IIb) up to 800 Alzheimer patients will be included in Sweden and 7 other European countries, USA and Canada.

BioArctic’s antibody BAN2401 is a new disease modifying drug candidate, which is expected to provide significant benefits to patients compared to treatments on the market today, which are symptomatic and do not stop the underlying disease process.

In 2007 BioArctic signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai on the development of BAN2401. BioArctic retains the rights to sell BAN2401 on the Nordic market.