About BioArctic

BioArctic is a Swedish research intensive biopharma company aimed at developing new treatments that address the causes of disorders that affect the Central Nervous System. These types of treatments are commonly referred to as “disease modifiers”. They affect the underlying disease pathology and can hopefully stop or significantly delay disease progression. This is a large paradigm shift from today’s symptom-oriented therapies.

BioArctic’s proprietary technology platform, dedicated personnel, collaborations with leading academic research groups and the global pharma industry have made it possible to develop innovative treatments based on antibodies (immunotherapy) for neurodegenerative disorders.

Our main research areas are Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease where there are large unmet medical needs. Today there are no treatments that can stop or slow down the progression of these diseases.

We collaborate with research groups at universities and hospitals, and with our global research and development partners Eisai and AbbVie.

BioArctic contracts also external companies to a large extent for pharmacology, toxicology studies, process development, the manufacturing of drug substances and the performance of clinical trials.

Groundbreaking discoveries

BioArctic is a Swedish research oriented biopharma company. The company was founded in 2003 by Professor Lars Lannfelt and Dr. Pär Gellerfors to develop important breakthrough discoveries made by Professor Lannfelt regarding Alzheimer’s disease. These discoveries – the Swedish mutation and the Arctic mutation – have attracted much attention internationally and explain the central role of amyloid-beta in Alzheimer’s disease, which has led to the development of new treatment strategies.

BioArctic has developed a proprietary technology platform that has proven to be successful when the company’s first drug candidate antibody BAN2401 for Alzheimer´s disease was developed.

The company’s technology is now also used for other disorders of the Central Nervous System such as Parkinson’s disease (drug candidate antibody ABBV-0805) and also for related diagnostics and technology.

Strengths and success factors

BioArctic´s success is built on vast scientific competence and highly skilled employees who thrive and deliver with great quality.

At BioArctic we are proud of our strengths, which we consider to be important success factors in our ambition to improve the quality of life for patients with diseases affecting the Central Nervous System.

BioArctic’s strengths include:

  • Highly qualified staff with proven ability to develop drugs
  • An innovative project portfolio consisting of differentiated first generation disease modifying drug candidates for neurodegenerative diseases, as well as related diagnostics and technology
  • Strategic collaborations and partnerships with the global pharma companies Eisai and AbbVie and funding from the EU’s Horizon2020 that validate the ability of the research organization and the potential of the drug candidates
  • An attractive combination of fully financed partner projects with significant market potential and innovative in-house projects with significant outlicensing potential
  • A strong intellectual property rights portfolio.